Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Andrew Ashton in Studio 2

Andrew Ashton's new vessel on show in Dungeness Open Studios

Vessel 3 - 38 cm X 9 cm X 9cm - (right piece)

Price £85.oo

“I am an Art Historian, Julian Clary’s gardener,

Lancastrian, I make ceramics, teach Art History, give the odd talk here and there, paint a bit, write ... A bit"

Andrew's blog - https://dymchurchworldnews.wordpress.com/

Monday, 19 September 2016


Now showing in Studio 2 at Dungeness Open Studios:

Limited Edition prints in the 'Essence' style by Bridget Wilkins.

I am an editor/writer/photographer living on the beach. Essence is the product of unconventional camera styles that I have adopted to capture the colour, movement and vibrancy of the creatures, plants and landscape of Dungeness. I do not use filters or image editing.

Essence 2
Essence 3
Essence 4
Essence 5
Essence 6
Essence 7


All prints are 6" x 4" on Vellum.

Signed, limited edition. 

£22 each.

(postage £3.00 - refundable if multiple prints purchased.)

Saturday, 17 September 2016

La Luna | Tricky orb

It was a big ol' malevolent shiner...

So.. Farewell tricky orb...

Until, the next time around.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Planned Spontaneity ? Inspired by CariseZM

Inspired by the Fabulous Carise Zengerle Murray at the Summer Arts Trail Leicester 2016

Planned Spontaneity ?

Why ?
Why should there be a why ?

Can things be done without a why ?
Can random be random if there's a why ?

Can spontaneity exist if there's a plan ?
Or should it be born from simply chance
Something to hold, embrace and dance

Would some random gift from strangers
Bring fear, alarm and hint of dangers
For chance to thrive , expand and exist
Those feelings, thoughts we must resist

Random gifts, spontaneously given
Holds no burden to receive for all's open not hidden

Random spontaneity is a life of fun, filled to the brim
Splashing over the sides, overflowing the rim
Dripping over the lucky, who look up and not in.

Dive in now, receive a gift and no, don't look for whys
Because when that is done Spontaneity dies.


A Boy Called Mick

(rights reserved)

The Fabulous Carise Zengerle Murray also performs in Mythym with Jenny Hibberd

Monday, 25 July 2016


"The furthest lands" chronicles marc’s endless solitary journey across all points of the Dungeness headland. Creating hauntingly beautiful and etheric photographs - permanently evading all demarcations of time, space and fixed bearing.

These images are made using a traditional large format field camera and experimental photographic techniques with uncertain outcomes. It is not the end result, which is so important, but the process of remembering.


The furthest lands 'Nothing *Sailin_by'

Dungeness Kent. Edition # of 25 Xerography 8x10 prints, framed £150 

The furthest lands 'From_the_Sea_Changing Sky_ JMW'Dungeness Kent. Edition # of 25 Xerography 8x10 prints, framed £150 

The furthest lands 'A-glimpse_Dark-Endeavor' Dungeness Kent. Edition # of 25 Xerography 8x10 prints, framed £150